Love poems, sad love poetry and short romantic love poems

Lots of love poems, sad love poems, love poetry, digital artwork, poems, romantic love poems and etc.
This is the official page of Harry Humle, with his love poems about, loss, morning, joy and hormoaming.
Besides the love poems and sad love poetry (sappy sad poems) this site contains a lot of other stuff..
Not so sappy poems (even joyfull and silly), artwork (mostly pencil and ink drawings) and short stories!
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Romantic love poems

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Listen to the songs Stan has made with my poems.
I have put the upload date there so you can see what's new!
Cease 2 see (about a girl) sep.2003 Choosing the hole sep.2003
Come with me sep.2003 My angel white sep.2003
Sunday sep.2003 Delight
In the end All the things
Homeward Bound I am off (I'm a whore)
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